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Lydite® Farming Wood Post Rope Insulator,Black


Art No. : MLD-071B0

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Lydite® Farming Wood Post Rope Insulator,Black

Highly robust plastic insulator for electric fence rope

This stable rope insulator for permanent fence systems is suitable for rope up to Ø 8 mm .The conducting material is not clamped, guaranteeing optimum current flow, and also making it easier to retension the fence. The plastic of this rope insulator is extremely breakage-resistant, ensuring good insulation.

At a glance

  Recommend for:
   ·  Suitable for high tensile rope
   ·  Suitable for use as a line insulator in permanent fence systems
Special features:

sturdy design
   ·  conducting material is easily attached and securely guided


   ·  made from high-quality plastic
   ·  conducting material is free-running, can be retensioned without any problem
   ·  quick and easy to install
   ·  mounting distance, tape to post: 18 mm



   ·  1 x Lydite® Farming Wood Post Rope Insulator,Black


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