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Electric Fencing Kits

    All the items necessary to install your electric fence or to add to an existing electric fence

 Solar energizer,8500volts,0.5J,20miles
 50m netting with fiberglass posts,90cm,14 post,double spikes
 Provides excellent predator protection
 UV resistant and high visibility
 High stability and fast assembly
Foot pedal and steel spike for easy installation


√ DC energizer,10000volts,1J,40 miles

 106cm step in post with 8 wire/tape clips
ABS 3:1 geared reel with well balanced for high speed, smooth operation

 Durable UV resistance material 
√ Tough ABS case with large, easy grip terminal knobs
√ Low-impedance
 Provides excellent predator protection


√ Main energizer,6500volts,4.5J,80 miles
√ 50m poultry netting with 14 fiberglass posts,double spikes
√ Semi-rigid vertical stays, graduated horizontal spacing
√ Free repair kits
√ Provides excellent predator protection
√ High stability and fast assembly

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