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Lydite® Electric Fence 3-Strand Polywire-656FT/1312FT


Art No. : MLD-040F

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Lydite® Electric Fence 3-Strand Polywire-656FT/1312FT 

3-Strand Polywire with 6 stainless steel wires.

3-Strand Polywire has been designed for temporary fencing and is safer and more visible than traditional wire. It has 3 stainless steel conductor strands and is lightweight, weather resistant and UV protected. This polywire is portable, too, so it's easy to install, re-wind and re-use.

For use in temporary rotational grazing or in conjunction with permanent, perimeter fencing. It is not intended as the sole means of restraint.

At a glance

Recommend for:
   ·  ideal for Temporary fence

Special features:
   ·  easy to install


·  Ideal for equine fencing - Safer & more visible than traditional wire
·  Easy to install, repair and splice while in the field



   ·  1 x Lydite® Electric Fence 3-Strand Polywire-656FT/1312FT 


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