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Steel Posts

    Professional electric fencing manufacturer with high quality. A large product range and save cost.

Material:  Q235 

Size: 3/8" x 48", Thread treatment

Coating: Spraying

highly robust oval post

secure fit and excellent insulation

especially stable foot plate, extra welded

extremely weather resistant


highly robust oval post

includes extra-large main insulator

secure fit and excellent insulation

especially stable foot plate, extra welded

extremely weather resistant

Material: Steel

Surface Treatment: Powder Painted or Electro galvanized

Specification: 1.25lb,1.33lb or as custom

Size: 5ft,5.5ft,6ft,7ft,8ft or as custom


√ break-proof even at very low temperatures

√ ideal for stony and dry soil conditions

√ double step

√ simple and quick installation

√ very versatile

√ total heigth: 152 cm

√ above ground: approx. 112 cm

√ insertion depth: approx. 40 cm

√ water-based coating, environmentally friendly

√ every 55 mm solid studs for fixing insulators

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