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√ Material: Allows a wide range of wire or cable to be spliced with one tool

√ Allows a wide range of wire or cable to be spliced with one tool

 Allows a wide range of wire or cable to be spliced with one tool                   

√ Suitabale for Dia 1/16'', 3/32'', 1/8'', 3/16'' Double Aluminum Crimp Sleeve
√ Made of forged alloy steel with heat treatment
√ Excellent crimp and durability


√ Material: Steel

√ Handle length: 400mm

√ Total Length: 650mm

√ Quick and easily tensions either fencing or netting wire around strainer posts


√ Quickly applying and reducing tension on conductors
√ materials can be made even more taut
√ injury protection
√ galvanised design
√ for smooth wires, rope and polywire


Matrial: Q195


√ Matrial: Q195

√ Surface treatment: Electroplated finish                              

√ Makes wrapping wire simple


√ Material: Steel

√ Wheel size: 750mm

√ Base: 25*25*2.5mm

√ The distance between two holes on square tube can be custom as request

26-36 usd

Material:Steel Power coated                              

Handle size: Dia:31MM*3MM Thickness:*290MM                                              

Chain size: Dia 6mm*32mm*20mm                       

Chain Length: 6m                                       

Description:Smooth grip action

Can be used on plain or barbed wire

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