Electric Fence Installation Guide for Beef and Dairy Cattle


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Beef cows and suckler herds require a more visible and substantial
fence to contain them. 2 or 3 lines of electric tape/rope or wire are
necessary to contain both cows and calves.

Although wire is the best conductor, rope is very strong and most visible,
creating a more visual barrier.

Electric Fencing For Dairy Cattle

Electric fencing is a very economical (and quick to install) method for
introducing strip grazing. Fields can be divided into segments which
are then rotated between grazing and resting.

Dairy cows, being much more docile than Beef or Suckler herds, can
usually be contained by 1 line of wire/polywire/tape or electric rope (the
latter being the most visible), supported by tread-in posts.

Strip Grazing
To create a controlled pasture management system, you will require both
a fence 'in front of' and 'behind' the herd. Depending on the area to be
covered you could either use 2 separate electric fence systems or create
a continuous fence line by linking the two sides of the fence together.

Tread-in plastic posts are not strong enough for corners so use a metal
3 pronged corner post which can be knocked in,  they come complete
with insulators. This can be easily moved around.Reels

The wire/rope/tape must be kept taught. A reel system not only keeps
the fence line taught but can be used to store fence lines when not in
use (this also adds to the life of the wire/rope/tape etc.) Reel posts are
available with 1,2 or 3 reels, depending on how many lines are required.

Cattle are very sensitive to electric fencing, so you can get away with
a single line at around 100 cm form the ground when strip-grazing dairy
cows. The constitution of electric fence for cattle as follow:
Fence Height:100-120cm
Number of wires:3-6 stands  
Post Spacing:10-15m  
Fence Accessories: polywire/polyrope, insulator, joint screws, posts ,
tensioners and all minor hardware. 


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