Controlling Rabbits with An Electric Fence


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Although rabbits can be considered adorable, they can also be a
household pest. If you have a garden, you are probably well aware of
the problems that can be caused by rabbits. If you are experiencing
rabbit problems, you might want to consider utilizing an electric fence.
Here are a few things to consider about controlling rabbits with an
electric fence.


Using an electric fence provides a very durable and long-term solution
to your rabbit problem. With an electric fence, you can leave it in place
year-round. With other rabbit deterrents, they will only be a temporary
solution. An electric fence is typically very strong and will not get in the way.


Another benefit of using an electric fence to solve your rabbit problem
is that it is safe compared to other methods. When a rabbit tries to get
into your garden, they will be shocked with a small jolt of electricity. It
will be enough to scare them, but it will not hurt them. Many people will
use poisons or other methods that are not safe around your pets. An
electric fence will shock your pets also, but there will be no lasting damage.

Rabbits, being small and low to the ground ,with the ability to both or jump,
can be difficult to fence. While electrified rabbit netting is suitable for
small areas, a four or six-line electric fence will deter them across longer
runs. The constitution of electric fence for horse as follow:
Fence Height:30-40cm
Number of wires:4-6 stands  
Post Spacing:6m  
Fence Accessories: polywire/polyrope, insulator, joint screws, posts ,
tensioners and all minor hardware.


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